The Inspirational Sales Manager

This course is designed for sales managers who have been in the role for a year or more and who want to increase the effectiveness of their performance. Emphasis is placed on boosting the leadership qualities of managers as they carry out their tasks. The sales managers’ role is reviewed in relation to the delegates’ workplace, the impact of different management styles analysed and areas identified for change and development.

Course content:

  • An overview of sales team management – what goes well, what goes less well?
  • What are the behaviours of a successful leader?
  • A review of sales management activity with regard to how it is carried out
  • Where can leadership activity be demonstrated within the sales management role?
  • Preparation of an action plan – 10 things to change

By the end of the session delegates will have identified where their leadership qualities can be enhanced in their own work environment. Through analysis of the sales manager’s role and its impact on their staff, managers will gain insight into where improvements can be made that will support their position within the department.

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