Pitching for Business

Business can be won or lost by the team sent in to pitch. However good the pitch materials, they must be delivered in a way that inspires, conveys professionalism and generates confidence. Our course looks at client expectations of  a pitch team and examines how those expectations can be delivered. The course focuses on the team as a whole, emphasising the effectiveness of collaboration as well as the skills of each individual.  The training is provided in a series of practical exercises and theory sessions to create a cohesive whole.


The team will learn the importance of a cohesive, structured approach to business pitching and to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Knowledge gained will allow the team to develop the most successful approach for future success.

Salesnet’s training delivers the theory behind the making of a successful business pitch and highlights the skills needed. The number of delegates is restricted to a maximum of 6 to allow the trainer to devote time to the dynamics of the team as well as the skills of the individuals.

 Course Content:

  • The client’s brief – what is their expectation?
  • Structuring the presentation from brief to delivery
  • The skills required – what works best
  • Presenting the pitch
  • Analysis and feedback

Salesnet is a highly-experienced sales and marketing consultancy and training provider. Each of our courses can be customized to your requirements and run either at your location or in a conveniently located training venue. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.