Strategies for Control in Selling

The session is aimed at delegates who already have some sales experience and may have undertaken sales training in other environments. The course will build on the delegate’s current knowledge by strengthening their theoretical understanding and exploring outcomes through practical exercises. The training is geared towards the discovery of a successful sales approach through participation and the sharing of experiences.

By the end of the course delegates will have a deeper understanding of how to control sales activity to achieve planned results. Within a supportive workshop environment delegates are encouraged to break out of the comfort zone of their sales behaviour.

Course content:

  • Selling is a controlled sequence of events – what is the sequence and what are the events?
  • If we are in control we have a better chance of guiding sales activity to a desired conclusion. What gives control?
  • The way we do what we do will have an impact. What personal skills are needed?
  • Role play and evaluation
  • Summary of course work and development of an individual action

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